Missouri S&T Subversion Server - Notices and Documentation

General Notes

This page has information specific to this server. For general subversion usage information, see the documentation available on the subversion vendor site: http://subversion.tigris.org.

Important Support Notice

This is an unsupported facility for other than IT internal use. Issues will be supported for cases where the server is broke, but no usage support will be provided.

Important Security Notice

NOTE: These settings are configured by default on any IT server install of subversion, but if you are using your own install or a windows install, you should be aware of these issues:

Missouri S&T Specific Notes

Access control and change log emailing on the this Subversion Server is controlled by two files in the conf/ subdirectory of the top level of the repository. Syntax for these files is simplistic - the "notify-list" file contains an email address per line, and the "access" repository contains lines of the form "/prefix entity=rights", such as "/ fred=rw". Changes to notify list take effect immediately after committing. Changes to the access list take a minute or so before they are in effect. The owning userid always has full rights to any userid based repository (see the list below).

To grant read rights to anonymous users, use '*' instead of userid. "/ *=r". You can also grant rw rights this way, but that is not recommended as you will be responsible for any content placed in the repository.

Additionally, this server enforces certain repository behaviors depending on the tree within the repository. These are not tunable on a per-repository basis, they are configured for all repositories at this time.

Repository Policies